Structural Adjustments and Changing Demographics

This cluster of work explores the major structural adjustments forced on communities by prevailing economic circumstances, changing work patterns, regional and rural drift, etc. and the effects on the provision of sport and recreation services. The cluster will also focus on the ways in which sport and recreation services will need to cater for changing demographics – e.g. overall population growth, more older people, single parent families, ethnic origins, early years – and inculcate a culture of physical activity into the workplace.

Principal Projects:

Climate Change

Impacts of Decreasing Backyard Sizes in Greenfields Developments

Disability Inclusion

Disability Review Inquiry

South West Early Childhood Project

Parklands Pavilion Writing Group

Public Open Space: Green and Blue Spaces

Active Workplaces

Profiling Communities

Complementary Projects:

Active Open Space
Coastal Aquatic Activity Study
Recreation Reform Agenda
Nyoongar Services Mapping
Sport and Aboriginal Culture
Social Value of Green Space in a Drying Climate
Urban Sport and Public Space
Understanding and Comparing Different Public Land Use Values
Active Building Design Research