A Business Case Analysis for Brockway Road Landfill Site

Research Report


Active Open Space


Assoc. Prof. Garry Middle, Dr Isaac Middle, Nigel Goodall, Professor Marian Tye



The purpose of this Business Case Analysis was to determine the best value use to be obtained from redeveloping the Brockway Road Landfill site in the Southern Precinct of the AK Reserve Redevelopment Area, a dedicated sporting facility precinct near Perry Lakes, WA.

The study assessed a number of options and concluded that the best value is obtained from redeveloping the land as public open space for community playing fields and community recreation.

How to cite:

Middle, G., Middle, I., Goodall, N. and Tye, M. (2012) Public Open Space provision in the Western Suburbs: A business case analysis for Brockway Road Landfill Site. A report for the Department of Sport and Recreation WA, Perth. January 2012.


This report was prepared in partnership with the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Curtin University and Goodall Business and Resource Management Pty Ltd - with funding from the Department of Sport and Recreation WA (DSR).