A Case Study of Records Management Practices in Historic Motor Sport

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Sustainability of Community Based Information Practices


Dr Pauline Joseph



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Records Management Journal

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This paper aims to report on empirical research that investigated the records management practices of two motor sport community-based organisations in Australia. This multi-method case study was conducted on the regulator of motor sport, the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport Ltd (CAMS) and one affiliated historic car club, the Vintage Sports Car Club (VSCC), in Western Australia. Data were gathered using an online audit tool and by interviewing selected stakeholders in these organisations about their organisation’s records management practices. The findings confirm that these organisations experience significant information management challenges, including difficulty in capturing, organising, managing, searching, accessing and preserving their records and archives. Hence, highlighting their inability to manage records advocated in the best practice Standard ISO 15489. It reveals the assumption of records management roles by unskilled members of the group. It emphasises that community-based organisations require assistance in managing their information management assets. The research highlights the risks in preserving the continuing memory of records and archives in leisure-based community organisations and showcases the threats in preserving its cultural identity and history. It is the first study examining records management practices in the serious leisure sector using the motor sport community.

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Joseph, P. 2016. “A Case Study of Records Management Practices in Historic Motor Sport.” Records Management Journal 26 (3): 314-336. doi:10.1108/RMJ-08-2015-0031.