A Sporting Chance: A Framework Supporting the Sustainability of State Sporting Organisations

Research Report


Not for Profit Sector Study


Professor David Gilchrist, Professor Marian Tye



This resource has been developed for people who are involved in the administration and governance of State Sporting Associations (SSAs). The purpose of the resource is to help those people increase and maintain the sustainability of their SSA. Therefore, this resource provides volunteer board members and others with suggestions regarding how progress and sustainability relevant to specific themes may be reported on a regular basis.

This document constitutes a set of suggested calculations which can be made and reported to those governing an organisation. It attempts to simplify the governance and reporting process by focusing on a set of key themes and by suggesting a set of key indicators that will assist people to focus both their enquiries about their SSA and the subsequent decisions they might make as a result of the reporting process.

How to cite:

Gilchrist, D. J., and M. Tye, (2015), A Sporting Chance: A Reporting Framework Supporting the Sustainability of State Sports Associations, A Document Produced for the Department of Sport and Recreation WA. Perth


Study conducted in partnership with the Curtin Not-for-profit Initiative.