Active Open Space (Playing Fields) in New Suburbs

Research Report


Active Open Space


Assoc. Prof. Garry Middle, Professor Marian Tye, Dr Isaac Middle



This study is a follow-up supplement to the 2012 report Unintended Socioeconomic Consequences of Reduced Supply of Active Open Spaces in the Perth Outer Metropolitan Growth Areas prepared for the Department of Sport and Recreation on active open space in the Perth-Peel region. Active open space (AOS) is space of adequate size and fit for purpose to accommodate organised sport. The report for the supplementary work examines how much additional surrounding space needs to be provided to accommodate supporting infrastructure.

Through a study of open space in 139 suburbs, the earlier report recommended a guideline area of active open space per resident, for planning and development purposes. This supplement report further tests that baseline figure, addressing the implications for overall open space design in new suburbs, through a case study of Baldivis, WA.

How to cite:

Middle, G., Tye, M. and Middle, I. (2015). Active Open Space in New Suburbs. Centre for Sport and Recreation Research. Curtin University, Perth.