Australian Motor Sport Enthusiasts’ Leisure Information Behaviour

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Sustainability of Community Based Information Practices


Dr Pauline Joseph



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Journal of Documentation

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The purpose of this paper is to explore the leisure information behaviour of motor sport enthusiasts, examining: their information needs; their information seeking and sharing; what personal information they had; and their satisfaction with their information seeking and personal information management efforts. This exploratory study examined participants’ information behaviour from a postpositivist and inductive research approach. An online survey was completed by 81 motor sport enthusiasts. The research findings highlighted that enthusiasts engaged in mixed serious leisure. They required information before, during and after race events, and sought this primarily from online sources, as well as from other individuals. Understandings of enthusiasts’ information behaviour provide information management professionals with insights to work with this user community. This study fills a gap in the literature about leisure information behaviour of motor sport enthusiasts in Australia. It identifies and provides a typology of the 12 categories of information needed by enthusiasts; a preliminary motor sport information behaviour model guided by the conceptual frameworks of the everyday life information seeking model; general models on information behaviour; and the information problem solving behaviour model.

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Joseph, P. 2016. “Australian Motor Sport Enthusiasts’ Leisure Information Behaviour.” Journal of Documentation 72 (6): 1078-1113. doi:10.1108/JD-12-2015-0150.