Between the User and the Building: A Review of Methods for Analysing Inhabited Space

Conference Paper


Active Buildings


Professor Sarah McGann, Dr Robyn Creagh, Professor Marian Tye, Assoc. Prof. Jonine Jancey, Krysten Blackford, Rachel Pages-Oliver




48th International conference of the Architectural Science Association

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This paper argues for the value of qualitative methodologies in advancing the study of physical activity in the workplace in relation to building design. Following a survey of approaches, the value of interdisciplinary methods in assessing the relationship between people’s physical activity levels and an office context, and developing innovative methods for combating sedentary behaviour in the workplace is highlighted. A combination of methods suitable to the context – such as interviews, physical activity tracking, photography and building plan analysis – are proposed to be more effective than the traditional over-emphasis on surveys for capturing the detail and nuance of lived experience in the workplace.

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McGann, S., R. Creagh, M. Tye, J. Jancey, K. Blackford, and R. Pages-Oliver. 2014. “Between the User and the Building: A Review of Methods for Analysing Inhabited Space.” In ACROSS: Architectural Research through to Practice, edited by F. Madeo and M. A. Schnabel. The Architectural Science Association & Genova University Press.