Coastal and Near-shore Marine Activities Study: Report Stage 1

Research Report


Coastal Aquatic Activity Study


Assoc. Prof. Garry Middle, Rebecca Scherini, Professor Marian Tye



This report outlines findings from the first stage of a major study investigating the sustainable planning and management of coastal and near-shore marine areas, funded by the Department of Sport and Recreation WA and conducted by the Centre for Sport and Recreation Research (CSRR) and CSRR partner, the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Curtin University. This first stage achieved three major outcomes: the identification of key agencies involved in the governance of coastal and near-shore marine areas and engagement in collaborative discussion; the creation of a database mapping coastal aquatic areas in WA using specialist mapping software, and; the creation of a prototype pop-up tool to demonstrate the use of the database. Sorted into four expandable themes (environment, planning, marine and climate change) this tool gives users unique access to a range of information for a chosen area of interest or beach, such as coastal values, facilities, foreshore management plan, most popular activities and attitudes to climate change. This serves as an invaluable information and planning framework for diverse users, including sporting clubs, coastal authorities, government agencies, commercial users and environmental groups.

How to cite:

Middle, G., R. Scherini, and M. Tye. Coastal and Near-shore Marine Activities Study: Stage 1 Report. A report for the Department of Sport and Recreation WA. Perth. November 2012.