Developing Champions Program Participant Evaluation Tool (DC-PET): Development Project Report

Research Report


Developing Champions Evaluation Tool


Dr Sarah Hardcastle, Rachael Glassey, Professor Martin Hagger, Professor Marian Tye



The report presents key findings from a Curtin Centre for Sport and Recreation Research project, in collaboration with the Department of Sport and Recreation WA and the Western Australian Institute of Sport, leading up to the design of an evaluation tool which assesses the effectiveness of the Developing Champions (DC) program aimed at fostering sports management and broader life skills in talented young athletes. Four tools were developed to critically and systematically evaluate the overall effectiveness of the DC Program, comprising the Developing Champions Participant Evaluation Tool (DC-PET). The DC-PET can assist athletes, facilitators and administrators, coaches and parents to record their evaluations of the program and key athlete behavioural outcomes. The DC-PET design was based on the core outcomes from a series of focus groups with athletes and interviews with facilitators and key stakeholders in the DC program, which revealed the following central themes for the development of gifted young athletes: effective time management; promoting confidence and ownership; mental skills development; mitigating information overload and ensuring appropriateness of content; securing credible role-models in program delivery; recruitment of the most appropriate athletes to the program; and, reinforcement of the program’s message and follow-up upon completion.

How to cite:

S. J. Hardcastle, R. Glassey, M. S. Hagger, and M. Tye. Developing Champions Program Participant Evaluation Tool (DC-PET): Development Project Report. Centre for Sport and Recreation Research, Curtin University, Perth. September 2014.