Disability Review Implementation Enquiry: Phase One Report

Research Report


Disability Review Inquiry


Dr Alan Charlton, Professor David Gilchrist, Professor Marian Tye



In 2011, the Department of Sport and Recreation WA engaged consultants to undertake a review of the Department’s position regarding inclusivity and the disability sport and active recreation sector. The purpose of the review was to identify good practice and gaps in service provision and to develop recommendations to improve the coordination of services for people with disabilities in Western Australia. Based on the findings, and outlined in a preliminary findings and issues paper, the consultants formulated a ‘Recommendations Report’ containing 19 recommendations.

Following on from the Recommendations Report, CSRR and the Curtin Business School Not-for-profit Institute were engaged to carry out the Phase One Disability Review Implementation Enquiry to:

  1. Provide analysis and considerations to inform the implementation of the recommendations in WA.
  2. Provide recommendations for the approach of Phase 2 across all areas of enquiry.

How to cite:

Gilchrist, D. J., A. Charlton & M. Tye, Disability Review Implementation Enquiry: A report for the Department of Sport and Recreation WA. Perth, December 2012.


This study was undertaken with CSRR research partner, the Curtin Not-for-profit Initiative, Curtin Business School, and was funded by the Department of Sport and Recreation WA.