Green and Blue: Why do we Love our Favourite Parks and Beaches?

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Public Open Space: Green and Blue Spaces


Dr Tod Jones, Kathryn Locke, Professor Marian Tye


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This booklet summarises key findings from a study exploring the appeal and value of ‘green and blue spaces’ (defined as public and privately owned parks, beaches and riverbanks used by the general public). The study identified eight attributes that underlie the appreciation of particular outdoor spaces in Perth. Interviews with mayors of Perth’s local government authorities revealed the importance of the individual’s personal stories and memories of family gatherings, social relationships and personal histories. The physical characteristics of parks were also highlighted as important, offering a balance between natural surrounds and appropriate provision of amenities and infrastructure. Finally, aesthetics and opportunities for interaction with nature, historical connections, the diversity of uses and users across generations and cultures, the commemoration of important civic, memorial and large community events, and opportunities for solitude and interaction, are all key factors which enhance the value and appreciation of Perth’s green and blue spaces. These stories, interview excerpts and photos of outdoor spaces are featured in this visually stunning and succinct booklet, offering a unique personalised snapshot of Perth’s surrounds.

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Jones, T., K. Locke, and M. Tye. 2012. Green and blue: Why do we Love our Favourite Parks and Beaches? Centre for Sport and Recreation Research and Sustainability Policy Institute. Curtin University. ISBN 978-0-646-91112-0