Guide to Developing a Case Study

Research Report


Profiling Communities


Dr Amma Buckley



The purpose of this report is to identify the key elements for designing and implementing a case study. It first provides an overview of the theoretical underpinnings, then examines if and when a case study is the appropriate method. There are a range of different types of case study designs that can be considered in designing a case study approach. Other important aspects include determining the units of analysis, the research question or statement and the types of data that could be used in a case study approach. In addition, the report examines strengths and limitations in undertaking a case study.

The context informing this document related to a study involving the Mullewa Football Club and its transformation over three-year period. The overarching question informing this study was: Can sport be an agent of social and cultural change in communities with large Aboriginal populations? How can a case study approach support the phenomena being investigated?