Guidelines for Establishing Community Archives: Sport Edition



Sustainable Collections Management Practices for Community-based Organisations (Sport)


Dr Pauline Joseph, Professor Marian Tye


Expected 2019

Community sporting groups commonly hold collections of data and artefacts but frequently lack the resources and expertise to maintain accurate record of them. While a move to digitising records will assist with this into the future, there is firstly a need for groups to audit and understand their collections before deciding if and how to move to digitised platforms.

The Guide for Establishing Community Archives is part of a toolkit for use by community sporting groups to carry out this audit and manage their collections more effectively. The Guide will provide background on what makes a community archive, how groups can develop a collection policy, and techniques to implement when managing collections, as well as introducing groups to the WA Collections digital platform. As part of the Guide , a Collection Management Checklist provides a self-assessment tool for groups to determine what next steps are most applicable to their collection situation.

Currently in draft form – prototype guidelines and checklist expected early 2019.


Developed with the School of Media, Creative Arts and Social Inquiry, Curtin University