Healthy Active Workplace Initiative: An Evaluation of the Resources

Research Report


Active Buildings


Assoc. Prof. Jonine Jancey, Professor Marian Tye, Janina Hildebrand, Nicole Bowser



The report presents results from a study aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of key resources enabling the uptake of health and wellbeing programs in Western Australia (the Workplace Physical Activity Resource Kit, online health and wellbeing survey, and information/training sessions), as part of the Healthy Active Workplaces initiative undertaken by the Department of Sport and Recreation WA (DSR) in partnership with the Premier’s Physical Activity Taskforce in 2007. The overall conclusion is that, viewed in combination, the resources are well received and useful. In addition, given the investment to date in the development of the combined resources, content can be refreshed via training sessions and regular web updates. This highlights the importance of maintaining an up-to-date database containing information collected on the organisation and corresponding contact personnel; such information would enable existing resources to be targeted and updated information to be tailored to the specific needs of workplaces. Other key avenues for action include: continued DSR support for resources and initiatives for workplace health and promotion programs; engaging workplaces through a range of avenues (e.g., gaining management support, establishing a specific role for a workplace health coordinator); and including alcohol on workplace agendas.

How to cite:

Jancey, J., M. Tye, J. Hildebrande, and N. Bowser. Healthy Active Workplace Initiative: An Evaluation of the Resources. Report for the Department of Sport and Recreation WA. Perth. January 2012.