Healthy Active Workplaces Project: Public Sector Audit 2010

Research Report


Active Buildings


Assoc. Prof. Jonine Jancey, Professor Marian Tye, Stephanie Bizjak, Professor Alexandra McManus, Dr Claire Nicholson



The report presents results from a project forming a repeat of the 2007 Public Sector Health Audit research and a comparison of results. Clearly identifying where and with whom responsibility for health and promotion rests (and clarifying associated factors surrounding that responsibility); comprehensive program planning, development and evaluation; systematic promotion; and justifying return on investment, are major areas which drive the formulation of recommendations for facilitating the uptake of health and wellbeing programs in Western Australian workplaces. Overall, whilst results indicate some positive change in the availability and accessibility of amenities -particularly at regional sites – and increased recognition of the value of wellbeing initiatives, there does not appear to be any major change over the two time-points of this study (2007:2010) in any particular facet. The potential to improve significantly the support for formulating and implementing workplace policies related to physical activity, TravelSmart/Green Transport and nutrition was a notable outcome.

How to cite:

Jancey, J., M. Tye, S. Bizjak, A. McManus, and C. Nicholson. Healthy Active Workplaces Project: Public Sector Audit 2010. Report prepared for Department of Sport and Recreation WA. Perth. October 2010.