Murchison Active Communities Project (MACP) Stage 1

Research Report


Sport and Aboriginal Culture


Dr Amma Buckley, Craig Turley, Professor Marian Tye



This Stage 1 Murchison Active Communities Project (MACP) report was developed to provide a consolidated evidence based platform detailing the current scope, functioning and effectiveness of sport and recreation service delivery throughout the Murchison Sub-Region of the Greater Mid West, to inform further strategic engagement and investment planning by DSR for the Murchison sub-region.

This MACP report reflexively assessed, and articulated adjustments in the functioning of sport and recreation service delivery approaches, highlighting the potential for improved community development, social, and life outcomes that may result from such structural and cultural change for the people and communities of the Murchison sub region. It also outlined a proposed approach to progressing MACP stage 2 and the further community engagement and consultation required to ensure key stakeholder involvement in the development and delivery of locally relevant and sustainable solutions to the sport and recreation service delivery and opportunity challenges.

How to cite:

Turley, C., Buckley, A and Tye, M. 2015, Murchison Active Communities Project (MACP): Stage 1. Centre for Sport and Recreation Research, Curtin University, Perth.


This report was undertaken in partnership with Moodjarlea Consulting with additional insight and contribution from Jo Jackson King.