Perth Coastal Recreational Use Study

Research Report


Perth Coastal Recreational Use Study


Dr Isaac Middle, Professor Marian Tye, Assoc. Prof. Garry Middle



This report provides a baseline for understanding recreational use of the Perth coastline, specifically between the study area stretching north to Two Rocks and south to Singleton. The report’s main output is a series of 28 hard copy maps that collectively show the recreational infrastructure, uses and classification of the┬ástudy area.

The study identified a range of variables that distinguish different uses of the coastline. Through observation and consultation with coastal local government authorities, state government departments, and state sporting organisations, a detailed audit tool was developed and applied to the entire study area coastline to map recreational infrastructure related to specific uses and, where possible, the location of uses themselves. Based on the provision of recreational infrastructure and the occurrence of recreational uses uncovered through the audit, a Coastal Recreational Use Classification Framework was determined. The framework proposes a series of ‘Node’ and ‘Connector’ classifications which enable patterns of use to be read more holistically along the coastline to inform future policy, planning, and development for Perth coastal areas.

How to cite:

Middle, I., Tye, M. and Middle, G. Perth Coastal Recreational Use Study. A report for the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries WA. Perth. October 2018.


This project received funding from the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries and in-kind contributions from participating local governments, State Government departments and recreation stakeholders.