Provocations for Active Schools Design

Working Paper


Active Schools Active Landscapes


Dr Robyn Creagh, Lara Mackintosh, Professor Marian Tye



This CSRR working-paper reports on a collaborative workshop that responds to the need for design thinking on the topic of kids movement at school. At the centre of this workshop, was the question: “How can the school built environment be re-imagined as a place that stimulates and supports physical activity?” As an outcome of the facilitated design-thinking program five groups developed distinct prototypes. This paper identifies key themes which run through the design proposals and offer them her as triggers for further enquiry. These are, the built environment as invitation for students to move around in an active way, as a diverse and challenging environment for students of different abilities to navigate, as an opportunity for students’ autonomy in re-shaping their environment; and as a physical prop that unties curriculum and learning through and in movement.

How to cite:

Creagh, R., L. Mackintosh, M. Tye. (2016) “Provocations for Active School Design: Working Paper Active Schools 1” Centre for Sport and Recreation Research Working Paper Series.


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