Re-imagining Sport Delivery Within the Communities of Western Australia: Project Summary December 2018

Research Summary


Re-imagining Sport Delivery Within the Communities of Western Australia


Dr Isaac Middle, Professor Marian Tye



This report summarises the progress from stage one of a three-stage study into new methods for understanding how sport is delivered within the community.

The purpose of the study is to create a visual method of presenting information that enables state sporting organisations and local government authorities to work together towards the common goal of increasing community participation in sport.

Specifically, the report presents and reflects on a range of data gathered to-date on the location/size, types of use, and user statistics of public open space areas within South Perth, Canning, and Victoria Park local government areas of Western Australia.

Through this process the report identifies differences in the delivery of sporting facilities and services, and methods of collecting data on the use and users of public open space, between different stakeholders. The report sets out initial recommendations that may assist in developing consistent planning and management strategies to increase participation.

How to cite:

Isaac Middle and Marian Tye (2018). Re-imagining sport delivery within the communities of Western Australia: Project Summary December 2018. Perth, Western Australia.


This study is a partnership between CSRR and the WA Sports Federation