Recreation Framework 2011+

Research Report


Recreation Reform Agenda


Dr Dorothy Wardale, Professor Marian Tye



The report summarises key findings from a survey and workshops conducted as part of a major study into the strategic analysis of the active, non-competitive, recreation sector. Undertaken by the Curtin Centre for Sport and Recreation Research and commissioned by the Department of Sport and Recreation WA (DSR), the study involved representation across seven recreation peak bodies (including DSR). Critical findings included: DSR is the top recreation body with which respondents’ associate; raising the profile of Recreation and expediting the development of industry standards as the top two listed mid-term strategic directions respondents would like the WA recreation sector to achieve; and, improved communication and community awareness, funding and research as top existing factors which could aid recreational reform. Five areas for targeted reform were also identified and guiding principles set against these: planning, funding, participation, maintenance and access. This study set the groundwork for shaping the framework for future strategic recreational reform, and resulted in the formation of the Recreation Custodians Group comprising of the peak recreation bodies in Western Australia.

How to cite:

Wardale, D., and M. Tye. Recreation Framework 2011+. A report for the Department of Sport and Recreation WA. Perth, March 2011.