Report on Review of the Literature on Volunteering – ‘Sport Context’

Research Report


New Models of Volunteering


Dr Dianne Costello, Professor Marian Tye



Although over 6 million people or 36% of the adult population aged 18 years and over participated in voluntary work (ABS, 2010), the largest number of volunteers 2.3 million people (37% of the volunteer population) provided assistance in sport and physical recreation organizations (ABS 2011). Acknowledging the important contribution of volunteering, the International Year of Volunteers, 10th Anniversary 2011, stimulated recognition of the necessity to better engage with the population to encourage volunteering in communities.

This report comprised a literature review of national and international volunteering perspectives, in order to develop the rationale for sport and recreation specific volunteering understandings and identify the gaps in sport volunteering research.

How to cite:

Costello, D., and Tye, M. (2012) Report on Review of the Literature on Volunteering - 'Sport Context'. Centre for Sport and Recreation Research, Curtin University. Perth, Western Australia.