Report on the Results of a Climate Change Scenario Planning Workshop

Research Report


Climate Change


Assoc. Prof. Laura Stocker, Professor Marian Tye



The report outlines results from a workshop held with staff of the Department of Sport and Recreation WA (DSR). Participants gained specific knowledge at the workshop, such as an increased understanding of climate change and the implications for the future, the need for more cross-agency and community partnerships, and an understanding of what can be done now. The workshop employed a range of innovative and interactive avenues which resulted in a clear shift towards greater concern and knowledge about climate change implications and increased level of intended active participation. The workshop format included the use of: science fiction stories and scenarios to think strategically about how to develop adaptive planning for sport and recreation; an affinity diagram to review the issues identified through the scenario planning exercise and group the responses for each scenario into themes; a plenary to explore the strategic implications for DSR’s ability to ‘preserve the right to recreate and maintain an active Western Australian lifestyle’, given what participants had learned in the workshop; and, an open space discussion to develop ideas for iconic projects that will assist in the implementation of adaptive scenario planning for sport and recreation.

How to cite:

Stocker, L., and M. Tye. Report on the Results of a Climate Change Scenario Planning Workshop. A report for the Department of Sport and Recreation WA. Perth, July 2011.