Stationary in the Office: Emerging Themes for Active Buildings

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Active Buildings


Professor Sarah McGann, Dr Robyn Creagh, Professor Marian Tye, Assoc. Prof. Jonine Jancey, Krysten Blackford



Published In:

Architectural Science Review

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This paper reports on findings from a pilot study on the lived experience of office workers in the local government sector, identifying key spatial barriers and facilitators for movement within office spaces. The necessity of integrating qualitative research with a focus on socio-cultural factors in assessing the effectiveness of workplaces in positively influencing workers’ physical activity is highlighted. It is concluded that in the context of workplace active and sedentary behaviour, workplace design is best analysed in conjunction with the daily practices of workers.

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McGann, S., Creagh, R., Tye, M., Jancey, J., and K. Blackford. 2014. “Stationary in the Office: Emerging Themes for Active Buildings.” Architectural Science Review 57 (4): 260-270, doi:10.1080/00038628.2014.958127.