Taking the Stairs Instead: The Impact of Workplace Design Standards on Health Promotion Strategies

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Active Buildings


Professor Sarah McGann, Assoc. Prof. Jonine Jancey, Professor Marian Tye



Published In:

Australasian Medical Journal

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This study highlights the impact of workplace design on physical movement through the lens of health promotion initiatives and the images that represent them. The applied case study of stairs-versus-lift movement strategies within office buildings in Western Australia is considered. The failure of building codes to encourage the active use of stairs in real contexts despite their promotion as the optimal health choice to lifts, indicates the need for integrating balanced design and promotional language of office buildings in health promotion strategies. Future building design planning must involve a close analysis of the efficacy of our new buildings and the inclusion of spatial health-promotion in buildings codes and specifications.

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McGann, S., J. M. Jancey, and M. Tye. 2013.“ Taking the Stairs instead: The impact of workplace design standards on health promotion strategies.” Australasian Medical Journal 6(1): 23-28.