Visual Spatial Enquiry: Diagrams and Metaphors for Architects and Spatial Thinkers



Parklands Pavilion Writing Group


Dr Robyn Creagh, Professor Sarah McGann




Routledge Research in Architecture Series. Routledge.

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This edited book explores the interconnections between visual and textual ways of working within relational space. International contributors from across the arts, social sciences and humanities use both textual and visual languages to reappraise and reconsider research approaches, methods and processes in diverse fields including architecture, design, art practices, geography, planning, history, cultural studies, anthropology and sociology. The innovative focus of this book will showcase a diverse series of investigations conducted around the topic of visual‐spatial enquiry. Rather than drawing from a single discipline, the range of projects, discipline perspectives, and locations included in these studies will provide an informative and engaging look across many fields and a valuable source for researchers and teams working in an environment where interdisciplinary projects and contexts are increasingly the norm. It is imperative in this context that informed thought is given to what integrates visual‐spatial research. This book locates points through which we can begin to position such cutting-edge approaches.

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Creagh, R., and S. McGann, eds. Contracted (Expected Feb 2018). Visual Spatial Methods: Diagrams and Metaphors for Architects and Spatial Thinkers. Routledge Research in Architecture Series. Routledge.