Whose Land is it Anyway?: Contesting Urban Fringe Nature-Based Tourism and Recreation in Western Australia

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Right to Roam


Dr Michael Hughes, Professor Marian Tye, Emeritus Professor Roy Jones



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Tourism Recreation Research

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In its investigation of claims by WA recreation and tourism advocates that public access to peri-urban areas of Perth is being significantly reduced, this study concludes that there is an ongoing lack of consistency in the state government’s approaches to recreational and tourist access to land. Key factors identified in the Darling Range area specifically include a lack of corporate control, overlapping jurisdictions with conflicting land management mandates, and the incompatibility of some tourism and recreation activities. This research calls for an overdue cultural shift in multifunctional land-use and its management, through the adoption of a truly integrated approach involving the cooperative and respectful engagement between government, community organisations and industry.

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Hughes, M., Tye, M., and R. Jones. 2013. “Whose Land is it Anyway? Contesting Urban Fringe Nature-Based Tourism and Recreation in Western Australia.” Tourism Recreation Research 38 (1): 29-42. doi: 10.1080/02508281.2013.11081727