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Asylum Seekers in the Community

Asylum Seekers in the Community was an important and timely project promoting sport inclusion, which explored the role of physical activity for asylum seekers in Australia coping with prolonged uncertainty and no right to work.

A collaborative initiative between the Curtin Centre for Sport and Recreation Research and the Curtin Centre for Human Rights Education, this is the first research study to record the experiences of asylum seekers who arrived by boat to Australia after 13 August 2012 and released into the community on bridging visas without the right to work.

The project found that living without the right to work and receiving minimal financial government support, coupled with long idle periods, is adversely impacting asylum seekers’ mental health.

This research has made a critical impact in the area of human rights by producing a number of recommendations on implementing more effective social integration pathways under a right to work policy, including offering released asylum seekers access to concession cards and assistance with public transport, access to ESL classes, and the provision of funding for education in TAFE or universities.

Principal Areas of Enquiry:

Contemporary Issues

Lead Researchers:

Dr Caroline Fleay - Centre for Human Rights Education, Curtin University
Dr Lisa Hartley - Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute
Professor Marian Tye - Centre for Sport and Recreation Research

Project Collection

Exploring Physical Activity Engagement And Barriers For Asylum Seekers In Australia Coping With Prolonged Uncertainty And No Right To Work