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Climate Change

This project explored the impacts of climate change and adaption strategies for industry and the broader community, including best practice, future scenarios and policy implications.

Discussions, research and creative output initially from the Curtin University Sustainability Policy (CUSP) Institute, later augmented with contributions from the Curtin Centre for Sport and Recreation Research and Curtin’s Department of Internet Studies, resulted in conducting a workshop held with staff of the Department of Sport and Recreation WA (DSR). The purpose of the workshop was to explore the use of science fiction and scenarios to think strategically about how climate change affects the ability of DSR to ‘preserve the right to recreate and maintain an active Western Australian lifestyle’.

The workshop brought about a clear shift towards greater concern and knowledge about climate change implications and increased level of intended active participation. Participants gained specific knowledge at the workshop, such as an increased understanding of climate change and the implications for the future, the need for more cross-agency and community partnerships, and an understanding of what can be done now.

The project was a catalyst for the formation of a key DSR planning group. This group was instrumental in the development of the content and form of the workshop and successfully attracted significant staff attendance. Participating DSR staff have identified a number of strategies and actions to focus on, such as communicating and educating about the impacts of climate change, developing partnerships with organisations such as the Office of Climate Change for research, working with DSR including regional staff, and developing sustainable audit projects.

Principal Areas of Enquiry:

Climate Change and Water
Structural Adjustments and Changing Demographics

Secondary Areas of Enquiry:

Urban and Regional Planning
Management and Technology

Lead Researchers:

Assoc. Prof. Laura Stocker - Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute
Professor Marian Tye - Centre for Sport and Recreation Research
Dr Helen Merrick - School of Media, Culture and Creative Arts, Curtin University
Greg McLennon - Department of Sport and Recreation WA

Research Team:

Professor Janette Hartz-Karp, Professor Dora Marinova

Industry Collaborators

Department of Sport and Recreation WA (DSR) planning group: Geordie Thompson, Julie Rutherford, Claire Ditri, Greg McLennan, and Troy Jones

Workshop participants (DSR industry partners): WA Sports Federation; Department of Health; Department of Environment and Conservation

Industry Partners

Department of Sport and Recreation WA

Project Collection

Report on the Results of a Climate Change Scenario Planning Workshop

Approaches to Managing Human Activity and Behaviour Change in Catchments