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Coastal Aquatic Activity Study

Coastal Aquatic Activity Study commenced addressing an important gap in the need for more sustainable management of coastal and near marine shore areas as major centres of sport and recreation activity in Western Australia, its society, economy and culture.

Funded by the Department of Sport and Recreation WA and conducted by the Curtin Centre for Sport and Recreation Research (CSRR) and CSRR partner, the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Curtin University, the project has:

  • Identified key documents and stakeholders impacting on coastal and near-shore marine areas activities.
  • Reduced access uncertainty associated with inconsistent application of recreation policy and management regimes across jurisdictions.

This has improved the ability of agencies and relevant community groups to plan for recreation and physical activity in the early stages of the development and planning process and increased awareness of a range of activities undertaken in coastal aquatic areas in WA, including emerging highly popular activities (such as kite surfing) that were not previously catered for in existing management plans.

A key impact of the project has been the development of a comprehensive planning and management tool on a simple GIS database for agencies and the public, which enables data for chosen areas of interest or beaches to be displayed in an easily accessible and location specific way.

Principal Areas of Enquiry:

Urban and Regional Planning
Management and Technology

Secondary Areas of Enquiry:

Climate Change and Water
Structural Adjustments and Changing Demographics

Lead Researchers:

Professor Marian Tye - Centre for Sport and Recreation Research
Assoc. Prof. Garry Middle - Centre for Sport and Recreation Research
Grant Trew - Department of Sport and Recreation WA
Geordie Thompson - Department of Sport and Recreation WA

Research Team:

Rebecca Scherini

Industry Partners

Department of Sport and Recreation WA

Project Collection

Coastal and Near-shore Marine Activities Study: Report Stage 1

Modelling Coastal Planning in Southwest Western Australia: Complexity, Collaboration and Climate Adaptation