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Curtin Sport and Recreation Strategy

The Curtin Sport and Active Recreation Strategy (CSARS) was initially developed to support the University’s Mission and its Strategic Goals as articulated in the University’s Strategic Plan 2013-2017. The development of CSARS was a Curtin-wide initiative with CSRR playing an active role. The CSARS objectives being: 

  • Enhance the overall student experience,
  • Encourage healthy lifestyle choices for staff,
  • Strengthen the engagement of Curtin University with the community and strategic partners,
  • Help build Curtin’s brand awareness and reputation,
  • Develop learning, teaching and research opportunities.

These objectives have subsequently been refined and reinforced in V1 of the Curtin Sport and Active Recreation Strategy 2018-2023 to support the University’s mission and its strategic goals as articulated in the University’s 2018-2023 strategic plan.

CSARS underpins the Curtin University Sport and Recreation Master Plan which seeks to provide sport and recreation facilities that:

  • Are adequate to increase participation in sport, recreation and fitness within the Curtin community,
  • Contribute to the reputation of Curtin and set a new benchmark for sport and active recreation on Australian university campuses,
  • Act as an economic driver for Curtin attracting business and generating revenue,
  • Offer activities appealing to a broad audience (of all ages and abilities) including the future Curtin community and local residents, encouraging them to spend time on campus,
  • Have a key role in the regional sport and recreation network,
  • Offer suitable national/international standard infrastructure to attract and support elite athletes and sports.

A Curtin Sports Summit is scheduled for mid-February 2019, for the purpose of further consolidating the position of the CSARS within the broad reach of the university.

Principal Areas of Enquiry:

Management and Technology
Structural Adjustments and Changing Demographics
Urban and Regional Planning

Lead Researchers:

Curtin Cross-campus Steering Group

Project Collection

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Curtin Sport and Active Recreation Strategy 2018-2023