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New Models of Volunteering

New Models of Volunteering was a scoping study undertaken by the Curtin Centre for Sport and Recreation Research and funded by the Department of Sport and Recreation WA, comprising desk and field research aimed at summarising national and international findings, capturing sport and recreation specific ‘anecdotes’, and identifying points of differentiation and foci for further research.

Given the diversity of issues facing the community sports volunteering context and that national strategic directions are not addressing the challenges, the project highlighted the demand for on-the-ground, WA context specific (including geographic) insights to better inform policy and decision making related to sport volunteering.

This research responded to the urgent need for contemporary volunteering management perspectives to address diverse policy needs by identifying a number of key priority areas and targeting the social sustainability of community sports, as well as developing more effective methods for capturing the complexity of the lived experience of sport volunteers’ motivations across diverse contexts.

This project has given the impetus for further work into this important area – in particular for a follow-up study to identify the context specific issues and solutions needed to support sports participation and volunteering which is fundamental to community sustainability.

Principal Areas of Enquiry:

Management and Technology

Lead Researchers:

Professor Marian Tye - Centre for Sport and Recreation Research
Evan Stewart - Department of Sport and Recreation WA

Research Team:

Dr Dianne Costello

Industry Partners

Department of Sport and Recreation Wa

Project Collection

Social Sustainability and Volunteering: Broader Contextual Understandings of the Challenges and Solutions

Volunteering and Sport in a WA Context: A Preparatory Exploration

Report on Review of the Literature on Volunteering – ‘Sport Context’