Waterman's Beach, WA

Perth Coastal Recreational Use Study

This project builds on CSRR’s work in the Coastal Aquatic Activity Study, commencing with the 2012 Coastal and Near Marine-shore Activities Study (stage 1).

The purpose of this project has been to provide a baseline understanding of the recreational use of the Perth coastline – drawing on existing information regarding coastal planning, site visits to determine location of existing and proposed infrastructure and extensive consultation with coastal stakeholders.

The coastline of Perth is unquestionably one of the City’s most valuable recreational assets; playing a major role in the enviable lifestyles of many residents, and a significant tourist attraction for visitors. However, forces such as encroaching residential and commercial development, climate change (coastal erosion) and environmental conservation are individually and collectively placing increasing pressure on the recreational use of the coastline. While several coastal planning documents exist, there is currently no single document dedicated to informing understanding and management of the recreational uses of the coastline in the context of the aforementioned forces.

A major outcome of this project is a detailed report and map series which addresses this need.

Principal Areas of Enquiry:

Urban and Regional Planning

Secondary Areas of Enquiry:

Climate Change and Water

Lead Researchers:

Dr Isaac Middle - Centre for Sport and Recreation Research
Professor Marian Tye - Centre for Sport and Recreation Research

Research Team:

Assoc. Prof. Garry Middle, Mark Robertson

Industry Collaborators

State Government departments:

  • Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries
  • Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions
  • Department of Transport
  • Western Australian Planning Commission

Local government authorities:

  • City of Wanneroo
  • City of Joondalup
  • City of Stirling
  • Town of Cambridge
  • City of Nedlands
  • Town of Cottesloe
  • City of Fremantle
  • City of Cockburn
  • Town of Kwinana
  • City of Rockingham

State sporting organisations:

  • Surf Life Saving WA
  • Surfing WA
  • Recfishwest
  • WA Kite Surfing Association
  • Volleyball WA
  • WA Ultimate Flying Disc Association

Industry Partners

This project received funding from the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries and in-kind contributions from participating local governments, State Government departments and recreation stakeholders.

Project Collection

Perth Coastal Recreational Use Study