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This project looked at the extent to which a focus on ‘prevention’ can better inform public policy in Western Australia.

A Curtin Centre for Sport and Recreation Research study undertaken by the John Curtin Institute of Public Policy and commissioned by the Department of Sport and Recreation WA (DSR), the research outlined potential advantages of a preventive approach to policy, identified principles and values that may guide the formation of prevention-focused policy, and surveyed some of the recent literature in which prevention policies are advocated, especially in the case of policies affecting the socialisation of children. Through the consideration of examples of prevention-focused policy, the project outlined factors that are likely to lead to effective and successful prevention-focused policy.

This project has assisted DSR in its formulation of policy relating to a range of issues and programs that could benefit from an approach where attention to the early stages of an issue can provide significant financial and other benefits, compared to tackling later-stage problems and crises as they emerge.

Principal Areas of Enquiry:

Contemporary Issues
Management and Technology

Lead Researchers:

Professor John Phillimore - John Curtin Institute of Public Policy
Graham Brimage - Department of Sport and Recreation WA

Research Team:

Dr Alan Tapper

Industry Collaborators

WA State Government Interagency Senior Executive Group

Industry Partners

Department of Sport and Recreation WA

Project Collection

Prevention-Based Approaches to Social Policy: The Case of Early Childhood Development

Prevention or Cure in Public Policy?