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Re-imagining Sport Delivery Within the Communities of Western Australia

This project aims to develop a method for provoking new conversations and strategic thinking within and between sport associations and local government, to progress the common objective ‘increasing participation’.

Supplementing earlier studies on the provision of public open space in the Perth Metropolitan area, this project extends the research to additional key inner suburban areas of South Perth, Canning and Victoria Park and aims to re-focus planning from a facilities-focused approach to a ‘participation’ (i.e. people-centred) perspective.

The initial work of the project takes a three-stage approach: mapping the provision of community green space in the study area, developing a template for collecting data on how these spaces are used, and examining user statistics and demographics.

Undertaken with the Western Australian Sports Federation (WASF) and through engagement with local governments, sporting organisations and educational institutions, the project aims to deliver results beneficial to the wider community.

Principal Areas of Enquiry:

Structural Adjustments and Changing Demographics

Secondary Areas of Enquiry:

Management and Technology
Urban and Regional Planning

Lead Researchers:

Dr Isaac Middle - Centre for Sport and Recreation Research
Professor Marian Tye - Centre for Sport and Recreation Research

Industry Collaborators

The Steering Group for the project comprises:

  • Geoff Glass - CEO, City of South Perth
  • Arthur Kyron - CEO, City of Canning
  • Anthony Vuleta - CEO, Town of Victoria Park

Local government project team members:

  • Jennifer Hess - Recreation Development Coordinator, City of South Perth
  • Patrick Quigley - Manager Community, Culture and Recreation, City of South Perth
  • Stephen Handicott - Active Spaces Officer ,City of Canning
  • Dion Johnson - Executive Manager, Parks and Place Improvement, City of Canning
  • Tim Cronin - Healthy Community Coordinator, Town of Victoria Park
  • Kaitlyn Griggs - Manager Community, Town of Victoria Park
  • David Russell - Head Sport and Recreation, Curtin Stadium
  • Daniel Israel - Sport and Recreation Manager, Curtin Stadium

Foundation Sport Partners:

  • WA Cricket Association
  • WA Football Commission

Industry Partners

This project is a partnership of CSRR and the WA Sports Federation, and received funding and in-kind contributions from the City of South Perth, the City of Canning, the Town of Victoria Park and Curtin University, and in-kind support from Innovation Central Perth, Curtin University.

Project Collection

Re-imagining Sport Delivery Within the Communities of Western Australia: Project Summary December 2018