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Recreation Reform Agenda

Recreation Reform Agenda was a major project exploring the strategic analysis of the active, non-competitive, recreation sector. The project started as an independent study looking into the effectiveness of the May 2006 Recreation Strategic Reform Agenda.

Conducted by the Curtin Centre for Sport and Recreation Research and funded by the Department of Sport and Recreation WA (DSR), the project involved representation across seven recreation peak bodies (including DSR).

The findings were instrumental in affirming the importance of a collaborative and unified approach in sustainable recreation reform, leading to the identification of key values for the group and stakeholders including preserving the right to recreate, and raising the profile and value of recreation through broader social policy and community wellness. These guiding principles have added a clarity of focus for the entire recreation sector, setting a collective vision which has informed the implementation of a revitalised Recreation Reform Agenda.

The project has impacted the recreation sector in two significant ways: the formulation of the Recreation Framework 2011+, and the establishment of the Recreation Custodians Group comprising of the peak recreation bodies in Western Australia. The Group has played an important role in finalising the plan and progressing its Strategic Statements.

Principal Areas of Enquiry:

Management and Technology

Secondary Areas of Enquiry:

Structural Adjustments and Changing Demographics
Urban and Regional Planning

Lead Researchers:

Professor Marian Tye - Centre for Sport and Recreation Research
Dr Dorothy Wardale - Ethics, Equity and Social Justice, Curtin University
Grant Trew - Department of Sport and Recreation WA

Industry Partners

Department of Sport and Recreation WA
Fitness Australia WA
LIWA Aquatics
Parks and Leisure Australia WA
Tracks and Trails
WA Sports Federation
Outdoors WA

Project Collection

Recreation Framework 2011+

Recreation Strategic Reform 2009+