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Social Value of Green Space in a Drying Climate

Social Value of Green Space in a Drying Climate sought to develop an evidence base to inform decision making around the allocation of water for irrigated public open space (POS) and the cost to the community if POS is no longer irrigated.

Conducted by the Curtin Centre for Sport and Recreation Research, and commissioned by the Department of Sport and Recreation WA, this project affirmed that Local Governments taking part in the study demonstrated considerable proactivity in relation to water management with an ongoing commitment to maintaining green space, now, and into the future. At the same time, study participants’ desire to maintain POS as ‘green’ space was a clear message about the way it is valued. Investigations of POS case sites emphasised that community consultation remains an important consideration for current and future POS water management.

Key messages emerging from this project have validated and enriched the current understanding of the importance and value of POS, and community expectations for green space in a drying climate. This research has provided an important baseline for informing decisions and policy through an increased awareness of the current issues and concerns associated with water allocation in POS. The project has demonstrated that the research topic is significant and topical with particular aspects of water allocation to POS requiring greater investigation.

Principal Areas of Enquiry:

Climate Change and Water
Urban and Regional Planning

Secondary Areas of Enquiry:

Contemporary Issues
Structural Adjustments and Changing Demographics

Lead Researchers:

Dr Amma Buckley - Humanities Research and Graduate Studies, Curtin University
Professor Marian Tye - Centre for Sport and Recreation Research

Research Team:

Dr James Smith

Industry Partners

Department of Sport and Recreation WA

Project Collection

Social Value of Green Space in a Drying Climate