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Sport Advocacy

Sport Advocacy was an initiative in which CSRR carried out and compiled research supporting the broader individual and societal secondary benefits of engaging in sport and recreation. This research was to inform the Department of Sport and Recreation WA and advocate for an appreciation of the wider value of physical activity.

The project grew out of an initial request from DSR to review and update their ‘More Than Winning’ initiative, a set of advocacy documents summarising the contribution of sport and recreation to the connectedness and wellbeing of Australian communities.

Following from More Than Winning, CSRR carried out more detailed research and review to assist DSR in developing their research position and specifically in producing a suite of five publications across four advocacy areas:

  • Brain Boost: benefits of sport and recreation for children’s learning
  • Mind Matters: the mental health benefits of physical activity,
  • Community Connect: strengthening communities through sport and recreation,
  • Safer Streets: how sport and recreation programs can help reduce crime

These documents, built fundamentally on the information delivered through CSRR’s research review, form a core part of the research policies and publications at DSR ( now DLGSC ) which in turn inform wider initiatives and support community growth through sport and recreation.

Principal Areas of Enquiry:

Contemporary Issues
Management and Technology

Lead Researchers:

Dr Isaac Middle - Centre for Sport and Recreation Research
Dr James Smith - Centre for Sport and Recreation Research
Professor Marian Tye - Centre for Sport and Recreation Research
Dr Karen Martin - School of Population and Global Health, University of Western Australia

Industry Partners

Department of Sport and Recreation (WA).

Project Collection

Brain Boost: How Sport and Physical Activity Enhance Children’s Learning

Brain Boost: How Sport and Physical Activity Helps Your Kids Learn Better

Community Connect: How Sport and Recreation Helps Build Social Capital and Strengthens Communities

Safer Streets: Building Positive Self-Esteem in At-Risk Youth

Mind Matters: A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body

More than Winning Update – Overview