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Sustainability of Community Based Information Practices

Sustainability of Community Based Information Practices was an investigation into the management and transfer of current, historical and archival information assets by community-based organisations.

A response to the increasing inability of community-based organisations to manage their information assets, this project highlighted a range of challenges faced by such organisations, with a particular focus on a motor sports organisation as its case study.

The research has made an important impact in this under-studied area and revealed key challenges and tensions which may be associated with the information, records and knowledge transfer from community-based organisations into archival collections with the cultural institutions that are the traditional custodians of our national collections.

Principal Areas of Enquiry:

Management and Technology

Lead Researchers:

Dr Pauline Joseph - Department of Information Studies, Curtin University

Industry Collaborators

The Western Australian Society of Motoring History

Veteran Car Club

Industry Partners

Confederation of Australian Motor Sport Ltd
Vintage Sports Car Club WA
Western Australian Museum

Project Collection

Heritage of the Markham Car Collection: Estrangement with the West Australian Motoring Community

Australian Motor Sport Enthusiasts’ Leisure Information Behaviour

A Case Study of Records Management Practices in Historic Motor Sport

An Exploration of Community-Based Organizations’ Information Management Challenges