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Sustainable Collections Management Practices for Community-based Organisations (Sport)

Australian community organisations are built on the considerable contribution of volunteers. It is these volunteers who have historically been the compilers, collectors, and custodians of community club records.  With the ageing and passing of many club stalwarts there is a gradual awakening, within some clubs, to the potential, or actual, loss of records and other artefacts of significance. This project addresses this concern with particular focus on community sporting clubs.

With an increasing awareness of the potential digitisation affords, some clubs and associations are looking at this as an option. However, records are only as useful as the ease with which they can be subsequently located. An option on the near horizon will be the opportunity for community-based organisations to ‘on-board’ collection items to a standardised platform – to be known as the Australian Collections Digital Platform. This platform will also give the custodians of such collections the choice of making items within those collections ‘discoverable’ by others.

In the meantime, as clubs start to consider ‘digitisation’ as an option, there is significant value to be had in developing a preliminary guide to assist decision-making regarding ‘what do we have?’ and ‘what should we do with it?’ – thus preventing ‘invented’ forms of managing this new digital and physical content and, facilitate an eventual transitioning (should that be the choice) to the Australian Collections Digital Platform.

Underlying this project is the development of a prototype Guide for sustainable collections management practices – for community-based organisations (sport). The Guide will comprise 2 parts:

  • A set of Collection Management (CM) guidelines, aimed at prompting focussed thinking for an organisation wishing to embark on a collections management journey, and
  • Collection Inventory (CI) guidelines aimed at gaining an overall picture of the collection content

Principal Areas of Enquiry:

Management and Technology

Lead Researchers:

Dr Pauline Joseph - Department of Information Studies, Curtin University
Professor Marian Tye - Centre for Sport and Recreation Research

Research Team:

Adriana Hudema, Kate Faulds

Project Assistance

A special thank you to The Corker Family participants: Douglas Corker, Rodney Corker, Jane Corker, and Dr Gerri Cox.

Industry Partners

This project received funding from the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries and in-kind contributions from Baseball WA and the Corker Family.

Project Collection

Guidelines for Establishing Community Archives: Sport Edition