people backflipping in urban square

Urban Sport and Public Space

The Urban Sport and Public Space project is exploring increasingly visible sports activities in urban areas – such as parkour, urban dance, bouldering, skateboarding and mountain biking – and their interactions with our local communities and built environment.

These sporting activities appeal to groups with low engagement in traditional forms, as well as women, young people and people from disadvantaged backgrounds, and show how our urban environment is shaping, and in turn, being shaped by non-mainstream identity. These non-traditional active recreation activities are emerging forms of free expression, healthy living and active community participation, fostering social inclusion, connection to place and space, and a sense of responsibility and ownership.

This project investigates opening our communal and regulatory controls of space to accept urban sports as one way that we might seek to introduce the quality of habitability into our cities.

Principal Areas of Enquiry:

Urban and Regional Planning

Secondary Areas of Enquiry:

Structural Adjustments and Changing Demographics

Lead Researchers:

Dr Robyn Creagh - School of Built Environment, Curtin University
Dr Shaphan Cox - Department of Planning and Geography, Curtin University
Professor Marian Tye - Centre for Sport and Recreation Research

Research Team:

Mark Robertson

Industry Collaborators

Bicycle Transport Alliance

Byford BMX Club

Skate Sculpture

Street Hockey League

Nordic Walking Australia

Curtin Stadium

Circus WA

Industry Partners

Australian Parkour Association

Project Collection

Curtin Campus Active Recreation Audit Project Output 1: Pilot Study Report

Perth: Perfect for Urban Sports?