The SPAIR Room is CSRR’s incubator. The SPAIR Room provides an environment for individuals to partner with CSRR to initiate and develop ideas.

The SPAIR Room is an invitation-only co-working space for researchers and practitioners initiating sport and active recreation research projects. Residents enjoy the collaborative interdisciplinary atmosphere of the SPAIR Room and benefit from CSRR’s experience and networks.

If you are interested in undertaking a residency please get in touch to discuss your idea.


SPAIR Room Projects


In the SPAIR Room ideas are emerging in, for and through sport and recreation. This is a folio of thought provoking SPAIR Room projects undertaken by our researchers and practitioners in residence.

Active Schools Active Landscapes

Pip Munckton – Landscape Architect

This residency was to conduct a visual survey of the external environment of a series of case-study primary schools in the Perth metropolitan area. This residency has brought together architects, landscape architects, researchers and policy makers aiming to challenge and inform the design of external school environments to maximise the benefit to children, the environment and the wider community.

Examining narratives of accessibility and escape in senior tourists’ travel blogs

Deepti Ruth Azariah – School of Media, Culture and Creative Arts

This project analyses discourses of escape and social connectedness, both of which are central themes in the writing of travel narratives. It seeks to determine the extent to which accessibility, often a concern for travellers with age-related disabilities, features as a defining characteristic of a travel experience that offers a sense both of escape and social connectedness for senior tourists. The purpose of this project is to gain a better understanding of how “grey nomads” use social media to share their travel experiences and performances and so construct tourist destinations as accessible.

Exploring Place Activation and Active Recreation on Campus

Tara Glosser – Curtin Place Activation Team

This residency focuses on the exchange of experience and expertise resulting in the identification of evaluation methods for place activation outcomes—including active recreation outcomes, among others. This residency has initiated moves by the university to explore further potential for urban sports and active recreation on the Curtin University campus.

Fitspiration or Fitsploitation? Postfeminism and New Media in Women’s Fitness Culture

Madison Magladry – School of Media, Culture and Creative Arts

This doctoral thesis investigates the claim of contemporary women’s fitness culture as a feminist practice – one which offers an empowering alternative to ‘traditional’ prescriptive ideologies of femininity, which link a woman’s value to her appearance. Through textual analysis and informal ethnographic techniques, I examine different aspects of fitness culture such as embodiment, gym selfies, fitness apparel and women’s-only-gyms in order to demonstrate that a postfeminist sensibility is embedded in the construction of fit femininity.

Re-imagining sport delivery within the communities of Western Australia: A visual approach to sport and Curtin University decision-making.

Dan Israel – Sport & Recreation Manager, Curtin Stadium

Applying research methodology, this project aims to capture and quantify the current sport & recreation landscape on the Curtin campus to inform Sport & Recreation Strategy allowing enhanced delivery as we move towards the Greater Curtin Masterplan implementation.  Linking with a wider community project undertaken by City of South Perth, Town of Victoria Park and City of Canning and using visual mapping to understand how our spaces are currently used, the potential synergies with our local community and how we can improve outcomes for the Curtin community.

Women’s Experiences of Spectatorship in the Australian Football League Women’s (AFLW) Context

Jessica Harrison – School of Psychology and Speech Pathology Honours Student

This project employs a qualitative design, and is geared towards exploring individuals’ experiences of sport spectatorship in the AFLW context. We are inviting women and those who do not identify with the gender binary, to participate in face-to-face or phone interviews to talk about their experiences. For more information, please visit the study Facebook page