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curtin sport & active recreation strategy cover
Curtin Sport and Active Recreation Strategy 2018-2023

Urban Fringe Bushwalking: Eroding the Experience

Active Public Open Space as a Diminishing Resource Under Threat From New Planning Policies

Planning for Organized Sport in the Fringe Suburbs of Australian Cities: A Case Study of Perth

Report on the Results of a Climate Change Scenario Planning Workshop

Sport and Recreation Inclusion for People with Disabilities

The Right to Roam: A Review of Policy and Management of Public Access to Land.

Recreation Access to Land Phase 2: Interstate Review of Bushwalking Access in Australia and a Survey of WA Bushwalkers and DEC Land Managers

Recreation Access to Land in Western Australia: Summary Final Report.

Recreation Framework 2011+

Planning for Urban Open Space: Reflections and Challenges

WA Sport and Recreation Online: A Baseline Investigation of the Web Presence of Sporting and Recreational Organisations in Western Australia

Mullewa Football Club Transformation: A Scoping Study of Aboriginal Community Engagement and Sport

Volunteering and Sport in a WA Context: A Preparatory Exploration

Understanding and Planning for Organized Community Sport in Public Parks: A Case Study of Policy and Practice in Perth

Australian Motor Sport Enthusiasts’ Leisure Information Behaviour

Green and Blue: Why do we Love our Favourite Parks and Beaches?

Exploring Physical Activity Engagement And Barriers For Asylum Seekers In Australia Coping With Prolonged Uncertainty And No Right To Work

Stories From Partnership Research: Active Open Space Research and Additional Findings

Shortage of Ovals is a Worry for Kids’ Sports

Curtin Campus Active Recreation Audit Project Output 1: Pilot Study Report

Measuring, Mapping, Creating: A Mixed Method Approach to Sedentary Behaviours and Workplace Design.

Active Workplace Design – Case Study 1: Pre-post Relocation Study

Active Schools Workshop: Thinking Outside The Box

Provocations for Active Schools Design

Active Workplace Design – Case Study 2: A Cross Sectional Campus Study

Stationary in the Office: Emerging Themes for Active Buildings

Stairway to Health: An Analysis for Workplace Stairs Design and Use

Between the User and the Building: A Review of Methods for Analysing Inhabited Space

Taking the Stairs Instead: The Impact of Workplace Design Standards on Health Promotion Strategies

Sports Ovals in Short Supply

Office-based Physical Activity and Nutrition Intervention: Barriers, Enablers, and Preferred Strategies for Workplace Obesity Prevention

Emerging Constraints for Public Open Space in Perth Metropolitan Suburbs: Implications of Bush Forever, Water Sensitive Urban Design and Liveable Neighbourhoods for Active Sporting Recreation

Active Open Space (Playing Fields) in a Growing Perth-Peel

Unintended Socioeconomic Consequences of Reduced Supply of Active Open Spaces in the Perth Outer Metropolitan Growth Areas: A Review of Informing Literature

Wanted: 23 New Ovals for Kids.

Out of Bounds

Fields of Thought Over Future of Sporting Ovals

Perth: Perfect for Urban Sports?

A Case Study of Records Management Practices in Historic Motor Sport

Report on Review of the Literature on Volunteering – ‘Sport Context’

Perth Coastal Recreational Use Study

Guide to Developing a Case Study

Contesting Space 1: Women in Sport: Exhibition

Sport Value from an Aboriginal Perspective: Scoping Project

Framing the Women’s AFL: Contested Spaces and Emerging Narratives of Hope and Opportunity for Women in Sport

A Business Case Analysis for Brockway Road Landfill Site

Advocating for Health and Physical Education Workshop

Active Open Space (Playing Fields) in New Suburbs

Recreation Strategic Reform 2009+

Murchison Active Communities Project (MACP) Stage 1

Annual State of the Funded Sector

Capturing the Contribution of Volunteers in Community Based Organisations: Developing a Methodology for Sport

Application of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis for Recreational Trails Decision Making in Western Australia: Final Technical Report

Greenstar Is Not a Physical Activity Star: Findings of a Pre-Post Building Activity Study

Disability Review Implementation Enquiry: Phase One Report

More than Winning Update – Overview

Brain Boost: How Sport and Physical Activity Enhance Children’s Learning

Brain Boost: How Sport and Physical Activity Helps Your Kids Learn Better

Workplace Building Design and Office-Based Workers’ Activity: A Study of a Natural Experiment

Community Connect: How Sport and Recreation Helps Build Social Capital and Strengthens Communities

Safer Streets: Building Positive Self-Esteem in At-Risk Youth

Healthy Active Workplace Initiative: An Evaluation of the Resources

Healthy Active Workplaces Project: Public Sector Audit 2010

Mind Matters: A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body

Contesting Space 1: Women in Sport: Catalogue