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Modelling Coastal Planning in Southwest Western Australia: Complexity, Collaboration and Climate Adaptation

Volunteering and Sport in a WA Context: A Preparatory Exploration

Stories From Partnership Research: Active Open Space Research and Additional Findings

Report on the Results of a Climate Change Scenario Planning Workshop

Planning for Urban Open Space: Reflections and Challenges

Coastal and Near-shore Marine Activities Study: Report Stage 1

Approaches to Managing Human Activity and Behaviour Change in Catchments

Shortage of Ovals is a Worry for Kids’ Sports

Water and Energy Efficient Aquatic Centres: a Collaborative Action Research Project

Water and Energy Calculator Ready for Industry

Sports Ovals in Short Supply

Social Sustainability and Volunteering: Broader Contextual Understandings of the Challenges and Solutions

Active Public Open Space as a Diminishing Resource Under Threat From New Planning Policies

Fields of Thought Over Future of Sporting Ovals

Social Value of Green Space in a Drying Climate

Wanted: 23 New Ovals for Kids.

Integrating Community Gardens into Public Parks: An Innovative Approach for Providing Ecosystem Services in Urban Areas

Understanding and Planning for Organized Community Sport in Public Parks: A Case Study of Policy and Practice in Perth

Unintended Socioeconomic Consequences of Reduced Supply of Active Open Spaces in the Perth Outer Metropolitan Growth Areas: A Review of Informing Literature

Perth: Perfect for Urban Sports?

Active Open Space (Playing Fields) in a Growing Perth-Peel

Emerging Constraints for Public Open Space in Perth Metropolitan Suburbs: Implications of Bush Forever, Water Sensitive Urban Design and Liveable Neighbourhoods for Active Sporting Recreation

Planning for Organized Sport in the Fringe Suburbs of Australian Cities: A Case Study of Perth