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The Impact of Workplace Design on Sedentary Behaviour: A Case Study

Measuring, Mapping, Creating: A Mixed Method Approach to Sedentary Behaviours and Workplace Design.

Active Workplace Design – Case Study 1: Pre-post Relocation Study

Application of the Occupational Sitting and Physical Activity Questionnaire (OSPAQ) to Office Based Workers

Active Schools Workshop: Thinking Outside The Box

Provocations for Active Schools Design

Active Workplace Design – Case Study 2: A Cross Sectional Campus Study

Stationary in the Office: Emerging Themes for Active Buildings

Stairway to Health: An Analysis for Workplace Stairs Design and Use

Between the User and the Building: A Review of Methods for Analysing Inhabited Space

Taking the Stairs Instead: The Impact of Workplace Design Standards on Health Promotion Strategies

Architecture, Physical Activity and a Capability Evaluative Framework: Satisfaction is Not Enough

Office-based Physical Activity and Nutrition Intervention: Barriers, Enablers, and Preferred Strategies for Workplace Obesity Prevention

Perth: Perfect for Urban Sports?

Curtin Campus Active Recreation Audit Project Output 1: Pilot Study Report

Healthy Active Workplaces Project: Public Sector Audit 2010

Healthy Active Workplace Initiative: An Evaluation of the Resources

Workplace Building Design and Office-Based Workers’ Activity: A Study of a Natural Experiment

Greenstar Is Not a Physical Activity Star: Findings of a Pre-Post Building Activity Study